Building Pro Inspections Townhouse Inspection

Kelowna Home Inspector - View of a townhouse roof

The Townhouse Inspection includes

We will determine the home’s condition at the time of the inspection. The inspection is a visual examination of the readily accessible and visible major systems, components, and equipment of the primary residence on the property. We record all significant defects found and will determine the causes when circumstances permit. To guide you during your decision making process, we will provide recommendations for each defect.
The condition of the site and adjacent units will also be observed to determine general levels of maintenance, quality of materials used, and quality of detailing.

All inspection are performed in accordance with the HIABC Scope of Inspection which covers all the homes major systems:

·    roof, structure, electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation and insulation, fireplaces, plumbing, interior, and exterior.
·    all roofs will be inspected by walking on them, if they are accessible and safe to be on. All crawl spaces and attics that are accessible and safe will be inspected.

The Time Required for your House Inspection

A typical home inspection takes approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Depending on the age, size, and complexity of the home, extra time may be required.

Your Participation is Encouraged.

By participating in the inspection, the visual presentation of any problems discovered will give you a better understanding of any issues that may be found. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of the inspector’s experience to learn about the home you will own.

The Report

At the end of the inspection we will do a walk through of the property and present a verbal summary of the major deficiencies found. This provides you a chance to see the defects and ask as many questions as necessary to ensure you understand the information we have given you.  The verbal summary will be followed with a written PDF report emailed within 24 hours. A hard copy of the report in a binder will be provided if requested. Extra reports are available if requested for a reasonable fee.

We understand that our clients may have a lot on their mind when purchasing a home and that it is sometimes hard to remember the details in the verbal summary.  This is why we take the time to write a detailed report. We ensure our information is accurate and understandable. If you have to guess what we are saying, then our report would not be serving you well.

Our report contains NARRATIVE DESCRIPTIONS and recommendations of deficiencies  as well as HIGH RESOLUTION PHOTOS. Check out our sample report to see what your report will look like. If you have trouble downloading this report or have any questions, please contact us.

Follow Up

Building Pro Inspections will provide free phone consultation regarding your home for as long as you own it.

Book your Town House Inspection today! Available 7 days a week in the Okanagan and surrounding areas.

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We will respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. BEFORE BOOKING YOUR INSPECTION, we recommend you download a copy of our Standard Contract and the HIABC Scope of Inspection and Codes of Ethics. Together these documents describe the home inspection process and will give you a clear understanding of what to expect. If you have questions regarding these documents or our inspection, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions.