The Benefits of Having Your Renovation Professionally Inspected

Homeowners renovate to update, add value or prepare their homes for sale. But no one wants to invest in a renovation only to see it cost more money later in revisions or repairs.

Pre-renovatopm inspection | Building Pro Home Inspection Kelowna

Homeowners renovate to update, add value or prepare their homes for sale. But no one wants to invest in a renovation only to see it cost more money later in revisions or repairs. In 2012, the last year it was published, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s renovation and home purchase report stated that 37% of households in ten Canadian markets renovated their home in 2011. That’s an estimated 1.7 million homes. If you are considering a renovation to your house, a home inspection can help you prioritise your requirements and actually save you money in the long run.


A home renovation can be fun and exciting, but it’s also a time when clear planning and forward thinking are most important. Going over budget, unforeseen mishaps or delays, disputes with builders and contractors – these aren’t what you envisioned as part of your dream renovation process. Careful research, investigation and planning are required in the decision making process. The Canadian Homebuilders Association (CHBA) and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) are excellent resources. According to the same CMHC report mentioned above, almost all homeowners who undertook renovations remodelled rooms, while more than half engaged in painting or wallpapering. Plumbing fixtures and equipment accounted for 38 percent. Most of these renovations were paid for using personal savings. The safety of your home and the savings in your bank – two absolutely crucial considerations that make a pre-renovation home inspection a safe bet and money well spent.


When you hire a home inspector you are providing yourself with a critical, trained eye to verify you are getting what you paid for in renovation. An inspection by a licensed and professional home inspector can significantly reduce the chances of unforeseen renovation headaches by finding out what you need to know before the construction begins. An inspector can offer expert and objective information to assist you in creating an accurate and realisable renovation design plan, and alert you to any structural, electrical, plumbing and heating considerations that may cause an issue now or in the future with regards to your renovation project. An inspector can also give you recommendations to increase comfort, reduce maintenance costs, and make your home safer and more energy efficient.


Hiring an inspector keeps you protected; it’s like taking out insurance against any future mishap that may occur. An inspector will ensure that your renovation meets the specifications you agreed to, and the construction methods used are consistent with industry standards. Being proactive before a problem occurs is far less expensive than reacting to a problem after it’s already happened.

With any renovation safety is the primary concern, and an inspection before and/or after your renovation is money well spent. In your search look no further than Building Pro Inspections. Our full and extensive pre-renovation inspection includes a comprehensive and detailed report, and we encourage your participation in all areas of the inspection. Book you pre-renovation inspection today! We are available 7 days a week in the Okanagan and surrounding areas.