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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Sometimes as home inspectors we come across some interesting things in the process of an inspection. Some are done well, some are done poorly, and some are just plain ridiculous. This gallery features the best, and the worst things we’ve discovered over the years.


Recycling your beer carton is a good idea after you finish your last beer. Your judgement on how to do it may be impaired. Don’t put it in your electrical panel. This is not the place to store combustible materials.

Duct tape shower | Building Pro Home Inspection Kelowna

I knew I’d found a problem when I saw the duct tape. Basement water damage confirmed it.

Good Electrical | Building Pro Home Inspection Kelowna

I’ve shared photos of bad electrical work. Finally a chance to give back. This is one of the best I’ve seen.

Balancing act dangerous | Building Pro Home Inspection Kelowna

This is a very heavy concrete laundry tub balanced on one support. I hope there are no small children playing nearby if this topples.

Kelowna Home Inspector - Building Pro - wood rot in crawl space

I found this behind insulation in a crawl space. The rim joist is so rotten pieces are falling off and my screwdriver went through the end of the floor joist like butter. This is what the house is sitting on.

Kelowna Home Inspector - Building Pro - wood rot on deck

When the balcony is eight feet off the ground, you do not want the base of the corner post this rotten. This is what secures the railing.

Kelowna Home Inspector - Building Pro - wood rot in balcony support post

Four times I pushed my screwdriver into the handle looking for solid wood. Its fair to say this post is no longer supporting the balcony above. It is hanging off of it!